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Corporate love affair's

Part 4
I know to myself. Whatever I have been telling from tomar. I had to say for fun. From funny way I say yes., I like one girl. After 2 hr's . We should had been go on floor. Tomar gone in have meeting. I gone on the own floor. It just very unpredicted whatever I feels on those day's
Because whenever I meet that girl my breath could be get blinked to me. Which was craziest
Thing's engaged and binded in my life. I'm coming on romantic moment.when I gone on floor. I enter in office manager had to welcome. Because on the next day. He say oh rahul how are you..I say.. Yes I'm fine. I sit back on system. He would also say my hero is come. Everybody have cheered to do clap of me on floor. For fun I got nervous little bit when I gone there.