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Met in a train.

How i can give my own feeling for lovable time . You can be expect from me to my love
destiny. When i met a girl in a train. When i was doing smoke in the train. When i was doing
Smoke in the running train. A beautiful young girl will come on this time. When i got finished to my cigratte. After that I went in the washroom. I was washing my hands & also. I was doing wash own face. But instantly. That beautiful girl where she stands on my back side.or
She was looking in the mirror where i stands i say please come there & see your face. She do smile little bit. She was trying own hair to do back side from front of face. But train speed  was very fast due to this reason. Again hair would had been come again n again. I ask her can i do...she will allow me..on this time..she say please do...then i do this. She had been continuing to wash for own face. I say your dress would losing...from your shoulder. In india mostly will have been prefer ...suits & chuni...that's two hind…

Corporate love affair's

Part 4
I know to myself. Whatever I have been telling from tomar. I had to say for fun. From funny way I say yes., I like one girl. After 2 hr's . We should had been go on floor. Tomar gone in have meeting. I gone on the own floor. It just very unpredicted whatever I feels on those day's
Because whenever I meet that girl my breath could be get blinked to me. Which was craziest
Thing's engaged and binded in my life. I'm coming on romantic moment.when I gone on floor. I enter in office manager had to welcome. Because on the next day. He say oh rahul how are you..I say.. Yes I'm fine. I sit back on system. He would also say my hero is come. Everybody have cheered to do clap of me on floor. For fun I got nervous little bit when I gone there.