Corporate love affair's.


                                                                          Part 2

I was very close to near his girl. For hand shake. But it was not to be be possible because she was from another team in cognizant process. I feel's lot to say something but really my lips or my eye's are really hides in my doubtful memory. Because i was little bit afraid to her.
Like same when a boy will meet up to new girl or should be once. I do talk or not. Or yet it was first time., I so craved to do think more for her. After rain would came up in outside the office. Instantly I say from my one of the good friend for tea break. Tomar sir who was senior to me. He smile and instant replied me. Come bro. If  I do use hindi accent...'' chal yaar". On tea time we got lift to get down on ground of it now...that's be continue.


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Corporate love affair's