Corporate love affair's

                                              Part 1

How i say, I would has been attracted to my love Destiny. Every person need a good heart partner. But yet now i was or still i very said to become to do love. When I have worked in mnc ( cognizant company ). My love experience which was really rare means it mostly happen in those human being who has really or Spiritual heart feeling to have partner. On once day. When I came there for first working day. Where i did feel as proud man in my first job. Instantly a comment had been passed on me. My tl( tower lead ) say. Hey rahul "how are you" . I did smile on that time in front of my all colleague's. Then after he say you have any girlfriend.
In turn I say no sir I am single, I seem's really auckward to my first day. How a tl can say for it. Intentionally I have no confidence to say anything in front of all colleague's on that time. After one hour. I saw a girl who was walking around in my office. Continuously & slowly slowy, she had been coming and she opened the exit door . On another side I was there. Suddenly my eyes are fall on her face when she did open the door. This was a moment which would had been come to my first love expression.


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