Care of Allergy symptoms.

1. If you have typical allergy and it will not to be cure after 5 day.

2. Take 5 ball's black pepper or take two sweet lemon.

3. Mix both of it. Then shake it well in a cup/glass.

4. Remember one thing black pepper should be given in powder.

5.After shaking & mix it well, you need to leave this solution for 15 minute.

6.Wake up in early morning please drink it without taking any food.

7. Take rest 1 hr or you can go in good environment( 1hr).

8. May be your body hot or cold.

9. After you will need to do sweat your own body in hot environment.

10 you can stand in park where air not to you.or you can take rest in own room (without air).

11. These are some tips. Which I do share in this post.

12 You need to take this...on only in morning or on only monday, Wednesday, Saturday etc.


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