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Care of Allergy symptoms.

1. If you have typical allergy and it will not to be cure after 5 day.

2. Take 5 ball's black pepper or take two sweet lemon.

3. Mix both of it. Then shake it well in a cup/glass.

4. Remember one thing black pepper should be given in powder.

5.After shaking & mix it well, you need to leave this solution for 15 minute.

6.Wake up in early morning please drink it without taking any food.

7. Take rest 1 hr or you can go in good environment( 1hr).

8. May be your body hot or cold.

9. After you will need to do sweat your own body in hot environment.

10 you can stand in park where air not to you.or you can take rest in own room (without air).

11. These are some tips. Which I do share in this post.

12 You need to take this...on only in morning or on only monday, Wednesday, Saturday etc.

Andaman- a journey of Indian ocean.

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We arrived at Havelock Island on the third day of our trip to Andaman. After checking into Radhakrishna Resort, we visited the famous Radhanagar Beach. At first, I was stunned by looking at the enormity of the beach in all its beauty and simplicity.

The soft cushion-like sand was a bliss to walk and sit onto. The greenery bordering the beach area painted a picture that reminded me of a scenic postcard. I was so at peace with myself that four hours went by at the Radhanagar Beach without me even realizing it.

Andaman- a journey of Indian ocean.

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I visited an unknown Nicobar island. This was a trip. Were i do enjoy lot with my family. For I forgot my name where I was on the last year 2018 November. Because.It was soo beautiful. Also I forgot my all tension. everything which I did experienced there.we make plan to stay in resort for more day's. Like I was feeling there on another side. Yet my girlfriend also would be there with me. On that time.I was thinking to come with girlfriend.I see also sea waves which would had come within 30 seconds. I got relaxed with my family because . I never came there it before. Very cool environment we do feel here.My brother had enjoyed lot with me .with two bottles of beer at beach. We fall on sand many time for enjoying of waves on beach. Lots of many foreigners couples which had there to see. We do click some pics with some couples. I do share some indian ocean moments.for radhanagar beach. How we arrive .on when time or how we left the luggages n all.

Corporate love affair's

Part 3 Tomar & me had enjoyed lot in park with two mug of coffe.when rain would had stopped to walk. Tomar ask so rahul how do feel here for office environment. I replied  "yes" sir affcourse office environment is soo pretty. Nice infrastructure & all people has professionally good. From smile way he would had been talking from me. Again he ask rahul what you thinking for make girlfriend. I say yes sir I do think now but sir if I say in hindi asscent. Sir would say- tho koi pasand ayi. I say yes , I like one girl. After some time a big blunder of sunshine would had came at the end tea break where we could the drinking. Tomar told me meeting had been pended with my manager.

Corporate love affair's.

Part 2

I was very close to near his girl. For hand shake. But it was not to be be possible because she was from another team in cognizant process. I feel's lot to say something but really my lips or my eye's are really hides in my doubtful memory. Because i was little bit afraid to her.
Like same when a boy will meet up to new girl or should be once. I do talk or not. Or yet it was first time., I so craved to do think more for her. After rain would came up in outside the office. Instantly I say from my one of the good friend for tea break. Tomar sir who was senior to me. He smile and instant replied me. Come bro. If  I do use hindi accent...'' chal yaar". On tea time we got lift to get down on ground of it now...that's be continue.

Corporate love affair's

Part 1
How i say, I would has been attracted to my love Destiny. Every person need a good heart partner. But yet now i was or still i very said to become to do love. When I have worked in mnc ( cognizant company ). My love experience which was really rare means it mostly happen in those human being who has really or Spiritual heart feeling to have partner. On once day. When I came there for first working day. Where i did feel as proud man in my first job. Instantly a comment had been passed on me. My tl( tower lead ) say. Hey rahul "how are you" . I did smile on that time in front of my all colleague's. Then after he say you have any girlfriend.
In turn I say no sir I am single, I seem's really auckward to my first day. How a tl can say for it. Intentionally I have no confidence to say anything in front of all colleague's on that time. After one hour. I saw a girl who was walking around in my office. Continuousl…

India gate is cool place to see my nation.

India gate is the greatest place of my Indian soldiers. I went there with my friends on last weekend. It was extremely lovable to spare my time here in very cool way. We had to salute in front of India gate with proud manner for my Indian flag. How i say india has big country in ever time. Because there are lots people who has big heart to do social activities. I can say that india is not only good but from different way this is able to present own world or to legend history.

Love is endless feel to think more.