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Met in a train


In train to see more whenever she was busy in train for do any activities. Finally train had stopped at where we actually wanted to get down from into train. In front of she i talk about
Our journey. We have no words to explain of our memorable journey. Frequently we would saw each of us. When train had been moving or we stands at train window with luggages.
Train had become slowly goes ahead for ending of station. I was looking her face. Were she stands along with me. Always a girl do think once. When something very memorable happen in life. She was already beautiful to have. She was stylish. You can say that typical modern punjabi girl. We have taken our luggages  and would try to walk down for outside station. More people's who were stands at station. A auto driver has been came up to our. But we denied because he will says to drop with more money. Indian people would always do feel
about a girl. …

Human fitness - 4

You can spent own time in all kind of food. Were you need to do practice or to think more.

There are below some experience to make a healthy diet.:-

In morning we generally need a excellent freshness . In his post, I am especially giving you to take a good morning diet.

1. Most of the time or actually a needfull for your body to detox with water. But with limit            condition. Do remember one thing. You can carry only two litre water on a day. But only          for morning session. Normally we won't live with without water.

    Session required:- Only 6am to 12 noon- you can pour own water in bottle.
                                 For drink. But you need a time limitation for this practice.

2. Darker colour chickpea's:- maximum 100 chickpeas ball.

3. 4 bread only + sugar cubes over bread/ butter+ jaggery(melted) with bread.

4. Any fruits .....Banana , apple , strawberry, orange...etc.

5. Cheese-- 5 cubes only/ short glass milk with without sugar.

6. 2 boiled potato.


Human fitness - 3

In his post i am going to discuss the main thing's which is related. " how you can do or to be feel as energetic human being to self with bone.

This is another kind of physical symptoms which yet a cause of difficult to survival in life.

From birth. We always,.we could find & see. When a baby would be come & when a baby how will or do start to consume a calcium dose from her mother. But main think is here.
What a 5 years after. We would see in many human generation. How a calcium which has a base in human body at world level. If i talk about basic nutrition food.

There are some food which really needful to human:-
Mostly people's & mostly doctor's would have been recommend expensive food for low paid up people's:- if i say in another word for rural people's:-

1. Milk
2. Raw peanut but you can take in every day with only 5 peanut.
3. Egg  but you can take this- with only egg on per day or 2 egg for 3 day in a week.
4. Spanich

Because some time we g…

Human fitness -2

A common man didn't have any solution when we see or a man should to self fitness. I do describe in his post which is to be benifical to the first priority of body health. We must see in our world people who mainly suffering from skin disease or allergy disease's. This is not common talk. This is rapidly rising in world.

This is unique & specific solution to guidance of support:-

Mainly it will be spreading with human blood . So that's definitely a human blood which is a integral part of health of body.

Key point's.

*  Take few holi basil leave's or 1 indian gooseberry mix it in juicer & make a tonic syrup.             How you can take it- pour in jar- take every morning- at wake up time- you need only one         tablespoon- on routine day-at 7 to 8pm around.

Human fitness -1

Everyone need a good fitness in human body to work. In regular interval of time is collaborative to us. Were maximum we look forward to make easier think about fit body. There lots of making effort should be need to make good health.

I have some following tips for a common human being who can easily apply this tips.:-

1. Not much you can run in park for 30 minute's that's you from two way- 1. Round of park
    2. Walk for maximum 10 rounds.

2. I don't know you are exicted or not for this tip which i mention in 2 point- most powerful          to balance your mental strength:- i have good  chant- for Indian god. Please do believe.
    This is a phrase about god pray. That's short sentence- you can do try- you need only to         108 times in a day.-- This is a lord shiv mantr.-- phrase- " Om trayambakam yajamahe                sugandhim pusti - vardhnam urvarukam iva bandhanan mrtyor muksiya ma mrtat.

     That's cool phrase to your destiny & mental health…

Met in a train


Mostly indian people's do believe in good living life. Or for most enjoyable life were money is important. If i talk about me i could have saw my past life journey's. Where a girl yet was to be more important than my money life. Finally she go with me in different sites. I was doing the everything for she's. But when i got knew about her when she told me. She is typical punjabi religion girl to have. But my heart always stayed with her to see & do sex. Because i couldn't balanced to have. Sometime we should have been undefine or to fall in love as same that.for example if i say when a water drop is mature or to be get excited easily ahead on red rose to movement. Some time also will happen in the morning. Some water drops are always be stay on rose petals. Most of the time i see.

Indian game - short note

A life journey where a man should be surviving to have family. It can be worthfull or specifically arise when we will talk about the care of family through financial aspects. There are some really facts or aspects. There are some facts & realty. I want to say you. How a indian city are to be merge into indian politic's.

I shared some examples below:-

1. Corporate company corrupt:- Because there are people's generally talented but there are popularly spread out wrong talk's in bpo company. For example mainly sex talks, racism in caste, black - white face. Etc. Manager are cruel to have position.

2. Corruption in court:- For example mostly pending files which was already has in court from long of day's with without any again charge sheet.Only high paid men's are justify in court for justice for every hearing.Court will be interested to listen only the high paid up people's.

3. In buses mostly I have saw when poor men if he sit on chair in buses. In his situa…

Met in a train.


How do i feel where my heart was inside in the train. Were i could have seen my life experience. That's my second phase where i mess up in all romantic love journey. Were i does the all such things. When i got a sex chance with her. Train had been faster in night. We had on upper sleeper seat.I have told from her. How i was my parent's struggled in own life. I shared some college life she gets cool & relaxed with me. In train she's breasts & body was already on my chest body. or train will be running ahead. All time we spare on sleeper seat. How was parents struggled in own life. & my mom how she's engaged with my father to own life. How she do care to my family. After the night we would be reached at madhya pardesh station. She was in the morning. She woke at 6:00 am . She wears her clothes...and how i did a node on her breast for wear bra. I saw all things. I was fully sured. Becaus…

The most memorable day

I remember still when I got really extremefull help for my study. If i talk about how was my journey or to make reason were i putted my hard work which had came up. When i was studying 11th standard. or I was struggling to get good mark's. Still when i got some lowest score in account's subject. On that time i had only one reason or as a good source.For concern of my study from the support teacher. I recognized where i had to look when i met " sapra sir" . He was there. Not as a good nature but as well as., he was helpfull from many way. He gave me lots of time. He teach's me in own house to my good score. I have taken the amazing efforts. With his guy. I broke all doubt in his class to account's related question after that. I surprised to my highest score in accounts subject. Then i had result. He gets happy lot from my surprise score's. He could give self blessings to my along journey of life. I was overwhelmed to my own teacher. Finally at the end day…

Met in a train.

How i can give my own feeling for lovable time . You can be expect from me to my love
destiny. When i met a girl in a train. When i was doing smoke in the train. When i was doing
Smoke in the running train. A beautiful young girl will come on this time. When i got finished to my cigratte. After that I went in the washroom. I was washing my hands & also. I was doing wash own face. But instantly. That beautiful girl where she stands on my back side.or
She was looking in the mirror where i stands i say please come there & see your face. She do smile little bit. She was trying own hair to do back side from front of face. But train speed  was very fast due to this reason. Again hair would had been come again n again. I ask her can i do...she will allow me..on this time..she say please do...then i do this. She had been continuing to wash for own face. I say your dress would losing...from your shoulder. In india mostly will have been prefer ...suits & chuni...that's two hind…

Corporate love affair's

Part 4
I know to myself. Whatever I have been telling from tomar. I had to say for fun. From funny way I say yes., I like one girl. After 2 hr's . We should had been go on floor. Tomar gone in have meeting. I gone on the own floor. It just very unpredicted whatever I feels on those day's
Because whenever I meet that girl my breath could be get blinked to me. Which was craziest
Thing's engaged and binded in my life. I'm coming on romantic moment.when I gone on floor. I enter in office manager had to welcome. Because on the next day. He say oh rahul how are you..I say.. Yes I'm fine. I sit back on system. He would also say my hero is come. Everybody have cheered to do clap of me on floor. For fun I got nervous little bit when I gone there.

Care of Allergy symptoms.

1. If you have typical allergy and it will not to be cure after 5 day.

2. Take 5 ball's black pepper or take two sweet lemon.

3. Mix both of it. Then shake it well in a cup/glass.

4. Remember one thing black pepper should be given in powder.

5.After shaking & mix it well, you need to leave this solution for 15 minute.

6.Wake up in early morning please drink it without taking any food.

7. Take rest 1 hr or you can go in good environment( 1hr).

8. May be your body hot or cold.

9. After you will need to do sweat your own body in hot environment.

10 you can stand in park where air not to you.or you can take rest in own room (without air).

11. These are some tips. Which I do share in this post.

12 You need to take this...on only in morning or on only monday, Wednesday, Saturday etc.

Andaman- a journey of Indian ocean.

Page 2

We arrived at Havelock Island on the third day of our trip to Andaman. After checking into Radhakrishna Resort, we visited the famous Radhanagar Beach. At first, I was stunned by looking at the enormity of the beach in all its beauty and simplicity.

The soft cushion-like sand was a bliss to walk and sit onto. The greenery bordering the beach area painted a picture that reminded me of a scenic postcard. I was so at peace with myself that four hours went by at the Radhanagar Beach without me even realizing it.

Andaman- a journey of Indian ocean.

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I visited an unknown Nicobar island. This was a trip. Were i do enjoy lot with my family. For I forgot my name where I was on the last year 2018 November. Because.It was soo beautiful. Also I forgot my all tension. everything which I did experienced there.we make plan to stay in resort for more day's. Like I was feeling there on another side. Yet my girlfriend also would be there with me. On that time.I was thinking to come with girlfriend.I see also sea waves which would had come within 30 seconds. I got relaxed with my family because . I never came there it before. Very cool environment we do feel here.My brother had enjoyed lot with me .with two bottles of beer at beach. We fall on sand many time for enjoying of waves on beach. Lots of many foreigners couples which had there to see. We do click some pics with some couples. I do share some indian ocean moments.for radhanagar beach. How we arrive .on when time or how we left the luggages n all.

Corporate love affair's

Part 3 Tomar & me had enjoyed lot in park with two mug of coffe.when rain would had stopped to walk. Tomar ask so rahul how do feel here for office environment. I replied  "yes" sir affcourse office environment is soo pretty. Nice infrastructure & all people has professionally good. From smile way he would had been talking from me. Again he ask rahul what you thinking for make girlfriend. I say yes sir I do think now but sir if I say in hindi asscent. Sir would say- tho koi pasand ayi. I say yes , I like one girl. After some time a big blunder of sunshine would had came at the end tea break where we could the drinking. Tomar told me meeting had been pended with my manager.

Corporate love affair's.

Part 2

I was very close to near his girl. For hand shake. But it was not to be be possible because she was from another team in cognizant process. I feel's lot to say something but really my lips or my eye's are really hides in my doubtful memory. Because i was little bit afraid to her.
Like same when a boy will meet up to new girl or should be once. I do talk or not. Or yet it was first time., I so craved to do think more for her. After rain would came up in outside the office. Instantly I say from my one of the good friend for tea break. Tomar sir who was senior to me. He smile and instant replied me. Come bro. If  I do use hindi accent...'' chal yaar". On tea time we got lift to get down on ground of it now...that's be continue.

Corporate love affair's

Part 1
How i say, I would has been attracted to my love Destiny. Every person need a good heart partner. But yet now i was or still i very said to become to do love. When I have worked in mnc ( cognizant company ). My love experience which was really rare means it mostly happen in those human being who has really or Spiritual heart feeling to have partner. On once day. When I came there for first working day. Where i did feel as proud man in my first job. Instantly a comment had been passed on me. My tl( tower lead ) say. Hey rahul "how are you" . I did smile on that time in front of my all colleague's. Then after he say you have any girlfriend.
In turn I say no sir I am single, I seem's really auckward to my first day. How a tl can say for it. Intentionally I have no confidence to say anything in front of all colleague's on that time. After one hour. I saw a girl who was walking around in my office. Continuousl…

India gate is cool place to see my nation.

India gate is the greatest place of my Indian soldiers. I went there with my friends on last weekend. It was extremely lovable to spare my time here in very cool way. We had to salute in front of India gate with proud manner for my Indian flag. How i say india has big country in ever time. Because there are lots people who has big heart to do social activities. I can say that india is not only good but from different way this is able to present own world or to legend history.

Love is endless feel to think more.