Human fitness - 4

You can spent own time in all kind of food. Were you need to do practice or to think more.

There are below some experience to make a healthy diet.:-

In morning we generally need a excellent freshness . In his post, I am especially giving you to take a good morning diet.

1. Most of the time or actually a needfull for your body to detox with water. But with limit            condition. Do remember one thing. You can carry only two litre water on a day. But only          for morning session. Normally we won't live with without water.

    Session required:- Only 6am to 12 noon- you can pour own water in bottle.
                                 For drink. But you need a time limitation for this practice.

2. Darker colour chickpea's:- maximum 100 chickpeas ball.

3. 4 bread only + sugar cubes over bread/ butter+ jaggery(melted) with bread.

4. Any fruits .....Banana , apple , strawberry, orange...etc.

5. Cheese-- 5 cubes only/ short glass milk with without sugar.

6. 2 boiled potato.


Human fitness - 3

In his post i am going to discuss the main thing's which is related. " how you can do or to be feel as energetic human being to self with bone.

This is another kind of physical symptoms which yet a cause of difficult to survival in life.

From birth. We always,.we could find & see. When a baby would be come & when a baby how will or do start to consume a calcium dose from her mother. But main think is here.
What a 5 years after. We would see in many human generation. How a calcium which has a base in human body at world level. If i talk about basic nutrition food.

There are some food which really needful to human:-
Mostly people's & mostly doctor's would have been recommend expensive food for low paid up people's:- if i say in another word for rural people's:-

1. Milk
2. Raw peanut but you can take in every day with only 5 peanut.
3. Egg  but you can take this- with only egg on per day or 2 egg for 3 day in a week.
4. Spanich

Because some time we g…

Human fitness -2

A common man didn't have any solution when we see or a man should to self fitness. I do describe in his post which is to be benifical to the first priority of body health. We must see in our world people who mainly suffering from skin disease or allergy disease's. This is not common talk. This is rapidly rising in world.

This is unique & specific solution to guidance of support:-

Mainly it will be spreading with human blood . So that's definitely a human blood which is a integral part of health of body.

Key point's.

*  Take few holi basil leave's or 1 indian gooseberry mix it in juicer & make a tonic syrup.             How you can take it- pour in jar- take every morning- at wake up time- you need only one         tablespoon- on routine day-at 7 to 8pm around.

Human fitness -1

Everyone need a good fitness in human body to work. In regular interval of time is collaborative to us. Were maximum we look forward to make easier think about fit body. There lots of making effort should be need to make good health.

I have some following tips for a common human being who can easily apply this tips.:-

1. Not much you can run in park for 30 minute's that's you from two way- 1. Round of park
    2. Walk for maximum 10 rounds.

2. I don't know you are exicted or not for this tip which i mention in 2 point- most powerful          to balance your mental strength:- i have good  chant- for Indian god. Please do believe.
    This is a phrase about god pray. That's short sentence- you can do try- you need only to         108 times in a day.-- This is a lord shiv mantr.-- phrase- " Om trayambakam yajamahe                sugandhim pusti - vardhnam urvarukam iva bandhanan mrtyor muksiya ma mrtat.

     That's cool phrase to your destiny & mental health…

Met in a train


Mostly indian people's do believe in good living life. Or for most enjoyable life were money is important. If i talk about me i could have saw my past life journey's. Where a girl yet was to be more important than my money life. Finally she go with me in different sites. I was doing the everything for she's. But when i got knew about her when she told me. She is typical punjabi religion girl to have. But my heart always stayed with her to see & do sex. Because i couldn't balanced to have. Sometime we should have been undefine or to fall in love as same that.for example if i say when a water drop is mature or to be get excited easily ahead on red rose to movement. Some time also will happen in the morning. Some water drops are always be stay on rose petals. Most of the time i see.

Indian game - short note

A life journey where a man should be surviving to have family. It can be worthfull or specifically arise when we will talk about the care of family through financial aspects. There are some really facts or aspects. There are some facts & realty. I want to say you. How a indian city are to be merge into indian politic's.

I shared some examples below:-

1. Corporate company corrupt:- Because there are people's generally talented but there are popularly spread out wrong talk's in bpo company. For example mainly sex talks, racism in caste, black - white face. Etc. Manager are cruel to have position.

2. Corruption in court:- For example mostly pending files which was already has in court from long of day's with without any again charge sheet.Only high paid men's are justify in court for justice for every hearing.Court will be interested to listen only the high paid up people's.

3. In buses mostly I have saw when poor men if he sit on chair in buses. In his situa…

Met in a train.


How do i feel where my heart was inside in the train. Were i could have seen my life experience. That's my second phase where i mess up in all romantic love journey. Were i does the all such things. When i got a sex chance with her. Train had been faster in night. We had on upper sleeper seat.I have told from her. How i was my parent's struggled in own life. I shared some college life she gets cool & relaxed with me. In train she's breasts & body was already on my chest body. or train will be running ahead. All time we spare on sleeper seat. How was parents struggled in own life. & my mom how she's engaged with my father to own life. How she do care to my family. After the night we would be reached at madhya pardesh station. She was in the morning. She woke at 6:00 am . She wears her clothes...and how i did a node on her breast for wear bra. I saw all things. I was fully sured. Becaus…